PIG Topics and Projects

Project 1 - Annotated Bibliography

Mini- Project - Annotated Bibliography Description 

Grading Rubric

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Project 2 -  Goverment Role / Resonsibilities in Weather / Geography Issues.

Essential Question   What role should the government play when a natural disaster is forcasted  and how is should it help after the event? 

News Articles on Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Katrina - Look back 1 year after

Haiti - How many houses left in one town after Hurrican Matthew  (sound available) - printable link here

83 year old women was not going to budge - North Carolina Rising Waters

Haiti - Links

Syracuse Flood Map Controversy August 2016  ; update  October 2016- > Tax Breaks for Flood Map Homeowners  (sound available,  WRVO.org) and   Council approves property tax breaks in flood zones, delays Section 8 vote again (see comments)  Syracuse.Com  (printer friendly version of both documents

Natural Disasters Outline 

Natural Disaster Rubric

Project 3 -  Creating and Giving Political / Election Survey 

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